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We are calling all patriots to stand and proclaim “I AM AMERICAN!” It has become easy for people to forget just how good we have it as Americans. Our mission is to inspire the passion and pride we have for this great nation in ourselves and those around us, and to be bold about our love for this country. 

We are veterans, entrepreneurs, free thinkers. And above all, we believe that it should not be a crime to put our patriotism on display for the world to see.  The generations that came before us gave it all so that we could enjoy the greatest freedoms in the world, and we honor those who carried the torch by choosing not to remain silent about how much we love this country.

We are proud of our Military. We stand firm with Law Enforcement and our First Responders. We support every man, woman and child who stands strong in the pursuit of freedom. 

The time to show the world who we are is now. It is our hope that anyone who loves this country as much as we do will be proud to wear the flag with us, so that this quiet rumbling becomes a roar, and we can stand as one with a unified message to the world… We love this country, We are proud of this country, WE ARE AMERICAN!